I am not Charlie Hebdo. I do not satirize religious figures. I believe I should respect the sanctityof faith symbols. I believe in freedom of speech, in debate and in exchanging logical arguments. I am a Muslim who is tolerant. I am a Muslim, and not a terrorist.

Charlie Hebdo mocked enough prophets; thereby offended many religions, Islam as well as Christianity. But only Muslims stood up for the rights of their prophets. Some people took this wrong, saying: “what is your problem Muslims? Charlie Hebdo did not only attack your prophet Muhammad, but others too, as well as Jewish. You always want to bring on war”. Here’s the answer, I repeat: only Muslims stood up for the rights of their prophets. I insist, their prophets, because Islam taught us to have faith in each and every prophet. We believe in prophets Moses and Jesus as we believe in prophet Muhammad.

Charlie Hebdo is not innocent, at all. If only he had the sense of humanity, he wouldn’t mock people publicly. But wait… mock who? Prophets! The people he mocked are prophets! They devoted themselves to guiding us through God’s religion. They are sacred Charlie. And you tell me your goal was to make people think?

Let me tell you the story of the cow (Surat el Baqarah). During the time of Moses, a person belonging to Israel tribute was killed. So in order to recognize the murderer, Allah ordered Moses to slaughter a cow. Of course, when Moses told his people about God’s command, their first reaction was shock and disbelief. They were mocking Moses, “what’s slaughtering a cow got to do with solving a murder issue?”

The Qur’an says:

“Remember when Moses said to his people, “God commands you to sacrifice a cow” and they said, “are you making fun of us?” He answered, “God forbid that I should be so ignorant” ”.

What we should not miss from this verse is the fact that Moses equated mockery to ignorance. So no Charlie, the most powerful weapon in the world is not freedom of speech but knowledge.

Qur’an taught us to exchange arguments and to respect other people’s points of view.

“Guide people to God wisely, and argue with them in the most courteous way”

So here I begin…

Your name is Charlie Hebdo, and you believe that a satirical caricature will not give a wrong image of Islam.

How is that?

Killing, however, will.


Your name is Charlie Hebdo, and you are saying if I do not like your work, then I do not have to look at it.

Your job Charlie was drawing caricatures, and caricatures can be either insulting or complementary. But as seen, yours were disrespectful and you were satirizing people, not criticizing. So no, I cannot stand what gives a wrong image of Islam and I will look at your work and fight against it. I repeat, fight against it, not kill.

Your name is Charlie Hebdo. You are saying it is not okay for me to take away from you the right to express yourself.

The right of freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to satirize. People have the right to be respected.

Your name is Charlie Hebdo, and you are saying if I approve upon your death, then I approve upon dictatorship, censorship and terrorism.

I don’t approve upon your death because I have no right to take away what God created.

God says:

“Do not curse people who offend God for them not to curse God back. God will take care of them and punish them when he decides it’s time”

You disrespected God’s prophets, maybe that was your punishment. As for me, I killed you, and so will I be punished.

Your name is Charlie Hebdo, and you are saying you will be publishing caricatures sooner than I think.

I am not Charlie Hebdo, and I will not be publishing caricatures any sooner because I am taught that we should have mutual respect for religious symbols in order to live together in a civilized manner. At least, we should respectfully disagree.

Your name is Charlie Hebdo and you believe that God is great enough to defend the prophet by himself.

I agree. God has his own ways.


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